DAY 1: SEPTEMBER 18th  2019

13.30          Registration

14.00          Welcome and practical information by the conference organizers

14.30          Revisiting the Canon (Chair: Douglas A. Jones, Jr., Rutgers University)

Sarah M.S. Pearsall (University of Cambridge) “Love and Slavery in Inkle and Yarico (1787)”

Peter Betjemann (Oregon State University) “Desublimating Slavery: Washington Allston’s Genre Paintings after Theatrical Sources, 1794-1800”

Samia AL-Shayban (King Saud University-Riyadh)Inkle and Yarico and Ecofeminism: the Figurative Representation of the Colonized Territories, Promotion of Slavery and Imperialism”

16.00          Coffee

16.30          Keynote Address 1 (Chair: Wendy-Lou Sutherland, New College Florida)

Jenna M. Gibbs (Florida International University) “Protesting Slavery, Asserting Freedom, and Defying Racism at the African Grove Theater in New York in the early 1820s”

18.00          Reception in the garden


DAY 2: SEPTEMBER 19th   2019

9.00            Coffee

9.30            Theater and the Anti-Slavery Debate (Chair: Inge Brinkman, Ghent University)

Fredrik Thomasson (Uppsala University) “Theatre, Slavery and Abolition in Stockholm 1770s–1820s”

Sigrid G. Köhler (University of Tübingen) “Intertwining Journal Writing and Theater Aesthetics: The German Reception of the Transnational Abolition Movement”

Adam Schoene (Cornell University) “Restaging Mirza: De Gouges, Staël and French Abolitionism”

11.00          Coffee

11.30          Interracial Relations and the Construction of Hierarchies (Chair: Jenna M. Gibbs, Florida International University)

Wendy-Lou Sutherland (New College of Florida) “Race, Homosocial Desire, and the Black in Ernst Lorenz Rathlef’s Die Mohrinn zu Hamburg (1775)”

Mercy Vungthianmuang Guite (Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi) “Theatrical Representations of Slavery in Theodor Körner’s Toni (1812)”

12.40          Lunch at Boon

14.00          Staging Black Resistance? (Chair: Omar Jabary Salamanca, Ghent University)

Sarah J. Adams (Ghent University) “Formations of Resistance: Black Rebels and White Heroes in Dutch Theater of 1800”

Heather S. Nathans (Tufts University) “’Citizen Mungo’: Performing Freedom on French and American Stages, 1789-99”

CODA – Tendayi Sithole (University of South Africa) “Staging Charles Mingus Jazz: The Poetics of the Afterlife of Slavery”

15.30          Coffee

16.00          Artist Panel: Performance, Slavery and Decolonization Today (Chair: Sarah J. Adams, Ghent University)

Yolanda Mpelé (theater and film actress, France), Jörgen Tjon A Fong (director of Urban Myth Amsterdam, the Netherlands), and Pitcho Womba Konga (creator and actor at Royal Theater of Flanders, Belgium)

17.30          Closing

19.00          Conference dinner at Pakhuis


DAY 3: SEPTEMBER 20th 2019

8.30            Coffee

9.00            Keynote Address 2 (Chair: Wendy-Lou Sutherland, New College Florida)

Douglas A. Jones, Jr. (Rutgers University) “A Genealogy of Blackface Minstrelsy: On Pleasures from the Black Below”

10.30          Coffee

11.00          Formulating Human Rights (Chair: Kornee van der Haven, Ghent University)

Frank Obenland (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz) “‘Nature Made Us Equal’: Anti-Slavery Discourse on the Early American Stage”

Nikola Keller (University of Freiburg) “The Location of Slavery: Staged Islands and Abolitionist Conceptions of Ideal Societies in Marivaux’s L’ile des esclaves (1725) and Olympe de Gouges’ L’esclavage des noirs, ou le heureux naufrage (1789)”

Debra A. Ryals (Pensacola State College) “Susanna Rowson’s Janus Syndrome: Slaves in Algiers (1784) and Slavery in America”

12.30          Lunch at Boon

14.00          Outside the White Playhouse (Chair: Johan Verberckmoes, Catholic University of Leuven)

Evelien Jonckheere (University of Antwerp) “The Osage Indian in Ghent (1828): A Dramatic Story Seen from Different Perspectives”

Wayne Weaver (University of Cambridge) “Musical Acts and Attitudes to Slavery – Interrogating the Jamaican Stage c.1800”

Mariana França Soutto Mayor (University of São Paulo) “Slavery as a Part of the Scene: the Presence of Black and Mestizo Actors and Actresses in the House of Opera of Vila Rica at the end of Eighteenth-century”

15.30          Coffee

16.00          Plenary session

16.45          Decolonial walking tour in Ghent by Labo vzw

18.00          End of the conference